Cogne Aosta Valley


Cogne Valley offers endless opportunities for walks and excursions to suit every taste and degree of difficulty. In addition to Alpine itineraries (classic routes over rock and ice to reach peaks at 3000-4000 metres) there are pleasant walks in the three valleys that are well signed and also indicated on maps that we will be happy to give you on arrival. 

The most popular walks are those leading to the Vittorio Sella alpine shelter, the Herbetet and Money farmhouses, Lake Loie, the Grauson summer pastures, the Lussert lakes and Lake Coronas. Less well known but also very pleasant are walks to the Nomenon farmhouses, the Trajo valley or the Valeille valley leading to the Arolla farmhouse. 

Skyway Mont Blanc

The new Skyway Mont Blanc is waiting for you for an unforgettable and exciting journey at 360° on the roof of Europe.

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Flora e Fauna

Larch, European spruce, Swiss pine and silver fir, these are the trees you will find in woods on the valley floor. At higher altitudes, first there are alpine meadows, which are carpeted with flowers in spring, and then these give way to rocks and glaciers. The main animals populating our valley are the Alpine ibex (the Park's symbol – the population numbers around 3,500), the chamois (numbering around 7,000), marmot, fox, lynx, stoat, golden eagle and, in recent years, the lammergeier and wolf. There are also numerous species of birds: buzzard, woodpecker, titmouse, ptarmigan, Alpine chough, sparrowhawk, goshawk, tawny owl, little owl. In the lakes and torrents there are two species of trout: one native, the brown trout, the other introduced, the salmon trout.

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Giardino botanico

The Giardino Alpino Paradisia is a truly unique garden, hovering at 1700 m above sea level in the Grand Paradiso National Park.

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