Cogne Aosta Valley

Skyway Mont Blanc

The new Skyway Mont Blanc is waiting for you for an unforgettable and exciting journey at 360° on the roof of Europe.
An extreme engineering challenge at 3.500 mt, between the eternal ice of Mont Blanc. With Skyway you will be immersed in a breathtaking landscape thanks to the 360° rotating cabins and 3 futuristic stations with restaurants, bars and entertainment services.
Pontal d’Entrèves a 1.300 mt: the welcoming Door to the Great Mountain,
Pavillon du Mont Fréty 2.173 mt: the heart of Skyway Monte Bianco,
Punta Helbronner 3466 mt: a large crystal glittering in the eternal ice.


Aosta città Romana

Aosta, also known as the "Rome of the Alps", was founded by the Romans in 25 BC with the name Augusta Praetoria.

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Castelli della Valle d’Aosta e il Forte di Bard

Valle d’Aosta is well-known for its medieval castles. The most famous are Fènis Castle, Issogne manor-house , Verres Castle, Sarre Castle, Saint-Pierre Castle and Bard Fortress.

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Traversata del Monte Bianco

The sail of the Mont Blanc glacier, from Punta Helbronner to the Aiguille du Midi: the magic of a 30 minutes aerial excursion by cableway at the heart of Mont Blanc glacier.

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