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Bar à Fromage restaurant de montagne

Bar à Fromage restaurant de montagne

Bar à Fromage restaurant de montagne

The cuisine served at Bar à Fromage is deeply rooted in the mountain traditions of Valle d’Aosta, in particular Cogne.

Fragrances, flavours, dishes cooked slowly at a low temperature, being able to touch the food, are all notes comprising the melody on which this restaurant is founded and which could inspire many “big names”.  

Entering Bar à fromage is like lifting the lid of a saucepan … The aromas of old-time cooking unveils the character of this distinctly alpine restaurant with the fireplace acting as the focal point.

Next to the plate glass windows overlooking the Meadow of Sant’Orso, butter moulds and traditional objects used to produce milk and cheese ornate the walls of this splendid dining lounge.

Crunchy vegetables with fine anchovies sauce

Favô (typical past with Fontina cheese, grean beans, tomato and brown bread)

Traditional raclette

La Potence

Eggnog with Moscato d'Alba of Savigliano's brothers and Marsala wine

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Rue Grand Paradis 21

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