Cogne Aosta Valley

Roman city of Aosta

Aosta, also known as the "Rome of the Alps", was founded by the Romans in 25 BC with the name Augusta Praetoria. The colony was established near the confluence of the Buthier torrent with the River Dora.

There are many remains and monuments in Aosta dating from Roman times: the Arch of Augustus, The Praetorian Gate, the theatre, the cryptoporticus and almost all of the defensive walls.
The church of Sant'Orso (Saint Ursus) is also well worth a visit (the most significant evidence of the history of religious art in Valle d'Aosta), with interesting Romanesque frescos and the cloister with its magnificent series of historiated medieval capitals.

Castelli della Valle d’Aosta e il Forte di Bard

Valle d’Aosta is well-known for its medieval castles. The most famous are Fènis Castle, Issogne manor-house , Verres Castle, Sarre Castle, Saint-Pierre Castle and Bard Fortress.

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Ponte di Pont d’Ael

Built in 3 AD. by Roman colonies, Aimus and Avilius, over the gorge of the Grand Eyvia river, the aqueduct bridge in Pondel stone, about 56 meters high and over 50 meters long, is one of the most interesting monuments of the Roman Period in the Aosta Valley, still perfectly preserved.

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Skyway Mont Blanc

The new Skyway Mont Blanc is waiting for you for an unforgettable and exciting journey at 360° on the roof of Europe.

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