Cogne Aosta Valley

Horse riding

Riding through woods and mountain rivers from dawn to dusk, but also trekking for several days with refreshing breaks at various mountain refuges are just a few evocative suggestions for a ride in the Alps.

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Skyway Mont Blanc

Skyway Mont Blanc

The new Skyway Mont Blanc is waiting for you for an unforgettable and exciting journey at 360° on the roof of Europe.

Le passeggiate


Cogne Valley offers endless opportunities for walks and excursions to suit every taste and degree of difficulty.

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In the Grand Paradiso National Park, universally famous for its rare and extraordinary fauna and flora, every foot step, whether big or small, will find a path leading to old mule tracks, pasture homes, mountains lakes, in a vast area where gentle walks as the bottom of the valley can alternate with trekking on higher slopes.

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