Cogne Aosta Valley

Alpine skiing

A small friendly complex of 5 slopes with a chair-lift, a ski-lift and a cable car, going up to 2252 meters, will allow you to ski without waiting in a long queues within the boundaries of close encounters with mountain goats, chamois and ermines are an everyday experience. All slopes are facing north which guarantee top snow conditions. Baby slope is available for beginners. 

Skyway Mont Blanc

The new Skyway Mont Blanc is waiting for you for an unforgettable and exciting journey at 360° on the roof of Europe.

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Sci Nordico

Undisputedly, Cogne, is the leader for cross-country skiing. Resort where great competition events are held such as the Word Cup and the Grand Paradiso March. It offers 11 skiing loops that added up bring to about 80km of tracks that wind through woods, mountain streams and bridges. A full immersion in a completely uncontaminated landscape where one can still listen to the wonderful sounds of nature.

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Sci alpinismo

In Spring, with the arrival of the ski mountaineering season, alpine guides and numerous itineraries through various glacier and snowy valleys are awaiting the off-track lovers to take them to explore some of the Alps, with possible refreshing breaks at the mountain refuges V. Sella and Sogno di berdzé.

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