92 years of hospitality in Gran Paradiso National Park.

You can feel its magic spell in the air, a profound incantation, yet light and revealing like a secret diary. Stop the passing of time, let yourself be lulled by the slow pace, appreciate those who are close to you, lose yourself in the minute details, put your heart at ease, rediscover the simple things in life, stop counting calories, leave turmoil far behind, beyond the meadows and mountains... all this is Bellevue, Hotel Bellevue in Cogne.

Cogne Aosta Valley

The Bellevue will open again on December 6th 2017

The Bellevue Hotel&SPA, the Bar à Fromage, restaurant de montagne and Le Marché aux Puces are closed from Sunday October 8th to Tuesday December 5th included. La Brasserie du Bon Bec is always open from Tuesday to Sunday.