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Devéteya e Féra de Cogne

Sabato 4 ottobre 2014

Saturday Ocotber 4th 2014

The descent of the cows from the high pastures and Cogne fair. 

35^ March Gran Paradiso

1 e 2 Febbraio 2014

Saturday February 7st  - Minimarcia for children

Sunday February 8th  - Gran Paradiso Cross crountry competition

Large fund race - 45 km classic technique

XVIII Gran Paradiso International Nature Film Festival

Da lunedì 25 a sabato 30 agosto
La Veilla di Gimillan (Once upon a time....)

Sabato 2 agosto 2014

"Once upon a time ...." The rediscovery of the ancient crafts of the tradition of  Cogne Valley,  in the streets of Gimillan